The Rabbi
Eliahu Ben Haim
Ben Haim

A key source for Dwek’s money laundering, Rabbi Eli Ben Haim, leader of Congregation Ohel Yaacob in Deal, N.J., was also the father-in-law of Dwek’s younger brother.
Ben Haim had a secret source for cash, a mysterious guy in Israel who would later be identified by the feds only by his initials, I.M.
“Did you know that he had me in the last 4 years send out wires every time to a different place in the world to a different name? It’s unbelievable. I never saw anything like it.”
“In Israel?” asked Dwek.
“No, all over the world. . . All over the world. From Australia to New Zealand to Uganda. I mean every country imaginable. Turkey, you can’t believe it...All different names. It’s never the same name. Switzerland, everywhere, France, everywhere, Spain . . . . China, Japan.”